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In 2015, we successfully developed a hardware and software solution suited for home mining. The miner’s excellent cost to performance ratio and stability have won high accolades and recognition. Vista is now offering the Vista Mini Miner through a limited time presale.

Only slightly larger than a modern smart phone, Vista has created a first in its class mining appliance called the Vista Mini-Miner. Its portability, low-energy profile, and affordability make it a solution for the masses to benefit from mining cryptocurrencies. The Mini-Miner employs a proprietary CPU-based approach that maximizes the Hash Power from the device and combines that with the Hash Power from millions of other similar devices to perform the intense computational work of crypto mining. Think of each Mini-Miner as a small ‘worker’ who’s output is combined with the effort of a million other workers and what’s created is a mining powerhouse. Individually, these Mini-Miners don’t produce much output in the way of mining, but when combined with other workers on a large scale… the “sum of the parts become greater than the whole”.



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