With Vista – Simply live your life the way you want!

Vista offers an unparalleled opportunity with multiple ways to earn immediate and long term income that will allow you to capitalize on massive and ever growing crypto space. By providing superior technology that customers need and can trust and by providing an innovative network marketing program which offers a fair and balanced compensation plan for both the average and ambitious Vista Affiliate.

  VISTA will deliver you with the resources you need to bring your dream of financial freedom into reality now. Vista provides opportunities for reaching financial freedom and will help you cultivate a mindset that gives you the ability to appreciate life despite obstacles and challenges, a mindset where you can implement proven formulas and strategies necessary to build your money machine, a way for you to create income for the rest of your life. With Vista you will look at the world differently, you will make different decisions, and you do the kinds of things that actually put you on the path toward the wealth you desire, without fear or doubt that you’ll reach your goals.

Vista is a company for those of us who dare to challenge ourselves and the status quo. We own up to our mistakes, we take charge of our future, we are committed to self-improvement. We choose to go out and help others each and every day. Our dreams are infinite.

Vista serves customers who learn about our technologies via a highly motivated multi-level network of Affiliates. Vista Affiliates are mainly comprised of spirited people who have made the bold decision to try to break out of that shell or, have already broken the shell and have made it their passion to help others do the same.

The Vista Opportunity and Compensation Plan are one of the most generous and fair plans in the industry. The philosophy behind the Vista approach is simple, yet powerful: encourage and promote the sale of Vista products on a recurring basis and the synergistic nature of the plan will maximize your personal growth and earnings potential.


Armen A. Temurian


Luis H. Amaya

Hector A. Ardon

Vista History
Vista Network Technologies USA has been in the making since the development of the mini miner was thought of in the summer of 2015! While the co-founders were mining different coins and perfecting their cryptocurrency trading every day in 2016, they continued to develop the patent pending mini miner into the most lucrative and most energy efficient invention in the cryptocurrency world!

Vista Future
The goal of Vista Network Technologies USA is to be the first company to take cryptocurrency mining into the home with its advanced patent pending technologies and educate the world economy of this crypto coin phenomena. Vista Network Technology USA looks also towards empowering each member and encouraging their involvement through education on the basics like buying and selling a bitcoin and how to acquire alternative coins!

We project that by the end of 2018 we will have created 1000s of bitcoin millionaires! Our mission for the next ten years is to be the company that will lead the way as a cryptocurrency innovating company as we continue to deliver new products and services.

Vista Timeline
Vista will be rolled out in 4 phases. Phase one began in 2015, phase two began in early 2018 and phase three will begin in late 2018 with the launch of the VistaCoin.

Vista Companies
Vista Network Technologies USA operates several forward thinking businesses including Vista Mining, Vista Pool, VistaCoin and the Vista Exchange. Vista also operates a Social Networking website located at

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The Vista Companies offer Mining Hardware, Mining Software, Mining Pool Services, Cryptocurrency Exchange Services all brought to you from our secure servers around the world located in across four strategic continents in countries such as Argentina, Spain, South Korea, India and the United States.


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